Protein Biochemistry

Like our clients, every protein is an individual with unique properties and needs. Our protein biochemists are experts in the complete range of technologies needed to build protein based applications including" purification, protein engineering, assay development, conjunction and labeling, and pegylation. Our broad range of skills enables us to collaboratively solve complex problems in protein biochemistry. 

Gene Design and Engineering

Our genetic engineering capabilities include gene design, the design and construction of mutant gene libraries, and the optimization of gene expression systems. We work with the e coli, insect, and mammalian expression systems and a collection of constitutive and regulated vector systems to select the appropriate gene delivery system to meet our customers' unique needs. We collaborate with our clients to solve complex custom problems. 

Microbial Strain Development

Our microbial strain development capabilities include manipulating and improving microbial strains in order to enhance their metabolic capabilities for biotechnical applications. We can create multiple copies of specific genes, produce high amounts of specific proteins or products, and integrate genes of interest of one organism into another.